Rabbinic Field Representative/Assistant Rabbinic Administrator

Job Posted 2/7/2023
Oregon Kosher
6698 sw capital hwy
Portland, OR 97219
United States
Experience Required
Rabbinic Coordination
Job Start Date
Job Description
Oregon Kosher is accepting applications for the position of a Rabbinic Field Representative. The position is full-time and is a mix of Industrial and Retail Kashrus. There will also be opportunities to be trained in administrative aspects of the Vaad. Oregon Kosher envisions the position to eventually develop into a partial Rabbinic administrative position

Semicha is required

Oregon Kosher is seeking applicants with a few years of Kashrus field experience, and administrative/managerial skills, but will consider other applicants as well.

Scope of Work
This position will include a mix of the full range of Kashrus services, from Community Kashrus work, such as overseeing Food Service operations, Industrial kashrus visits, & Hashgocho Temidis jobs, as well as administrative duties.

General hours are Monday through Friday- 8am-5pm, with some regular schedules extending until 9-10pm.

There will be times that jobs must be done at odd hours of the night and morning.

There are occasional Sunday shifts as well.

There are occasional hashgacha temidis jobs that will require travel out of town.

At present Approximately 75% of the position is industrial kashrus, 10% food service and 15% administrative.

Administrative Duties
Approx 15% of the job duties will be administrative in nature, including but not limited to the following:
•Keeping all client records up-to-date on Oregon Kosher database software
•Scheduling mashgichim
•Marketing/Sales/Web Development
•Approving new clients, new products, new ingredients in consort with Kashrus Admin and Rabbinic Administrator
•Strategic and Financial Planning.
•Participate in Vaad meetings, and assist in developing Vaad policies

•Community Involvement:
Oregon Kosher employees are expected to be involved in community development, in ways not directly related to our Job description. This would include having a regular learning schedule at the kollel with or without local Baalei Batim, and assisting the various Shuls in both Portland and Eugene with Minyonim, Leigning, Davening etc.
Employee will, as work schedule permits, commit to participate in regular morning learning at the Portland Kollel during the following hours: Monday-Fri 9am-1030am

Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience.

Interested applicants should send their resume to Tuvia Berzow at tberzow@oregonkosher.org

. We thank all those who apply but advise that only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

6698 sw capital hwy
OR 97219
United States