Mashgiacvh and Chef

Job Posted 5/11/2023
Hartford Kashrut Commission
University of Hartford
West Hartford, CT 06119
United States
Category Mashgiach + Chef
Bedikas Tolayim
College Campus
Job Start Date
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Job Description
POSITION: Kosher Culinary Chef FT
Monday-Friday (early closing on Fridays)
8:00 AM -
4:30 PM

Total Hours: 40 Start Date:
Rate: $26.42 ($25.42 if less than a year)
This is a unionized position with full benefits. 
 Must be able to follow specific Aramark procedures to ensure proper techniques and consistency of items at all times.
 Must ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere by observing ARAMARK, federal, state, and local policies and procedures at all times
 Must be a qualified Mashgiach and meet the criteria of Hartford Kashrut Commission.
 Must fully observe Jewish law and customs as defined by orthodox Judasim, and trained in the field of Kahrut.
 These requirements must be met due to the absence of a full time Rabbi overseeing the Kosher Program.
 Must be able to lift items up to 50 pounds
 Must be familiar with and be able to operate all equipment.
 Must have able to interact with customers and provide exceptional customer service.
 This person reports directly to the management, and the Chef and overseeing Rabbi.
Daily Duties:
 Report to work on time in your full laundered uniform including name tag, hair restraint and non-slip shoes.
 Must observe all ServSafe practices, including the use of cut resistant gloves and non-slip shoes
 Must adhere to all safety policies & procedures.
 Responsible for creating and disposing a display plate for each meal period.
 Must attend pre-service meetings.
 Must follow all FFCo guidelines and merchandising
 Assist in covering of breaks when necessary.
 At times must also assist with the cooking for special events.
 Must be able to read and understand all recipes and accurately fill out production records daily.
 Responsible for following all the steps of the Food Management Process including recording waste daily, holding temp. logs, cooler/freezer
temp. logs and following proper cooling procedures/logs.
 Responsible for proper portioning proper rotation and storage including wrapping, labeling and dating all food products as well as holding all
other sauté serving employees accountable for sanitation, safety and uniform standards.
 Must ensure all items on the Kosher station are full and fresh at all times.
 Responsible for all preparation of all Kosher Station menu items daily.
 Responsible for Menu Engineering & Menu Development.
 Must follow all HKC guidelines to ensure all Kosher needs are met.
 Responsible for meeting with HKC supervisor (Rabbi Yosef Kulek)
 At times may be asked to prepare/cook meals for individuals with special dietary restrictions.
 Responsible for communicating with management and the chef.
 Performing and adhering to our Customer Service Platform WEST
 Perform all other duties as directed by management.
Daily Cleaning Duties:
 Properly sanitize all work areas, preparation counter, scales, knives and all other equipment as needed.
 Responsible to sweeping and moping their station at the end of each shift.
 Responsible for taking out all station trash throughout service and at the end of each shift.
 Utilization of recycling program (including properly disposing of recycled product and breaking down their own boxes)
 Maintain a high level of sanitation at all times
 Responsible for cleaning all station small wares and properly storing them.
 Responsible for cleaning any equipment used during meals and service.
 Responsible for the cleanliness and organization of the entire Kosher Station.
 Responsible for wiping down station walls and cleaning lighting fixtures.
 Responsible for cleaning all station millwork including plate shelving.
** The work schedule may vary from week to week, based upon business fluctuations, while maintaining ARAMARK operating standards.